Video | Architecture and Group Identity with Miranda Cuozzo

December 1, 2023

Miranda Cuozzo received her Architecture Fellow through the Luminarts Foundation in collaboration with the ICAA in May and is now working in Philadelphia.

Project Description: Architecture is shaped by group identity, which, in turn, is shaped by architecture. This interdependent process is what allows a culture to develop its own architectural character. Unfortunately, constant oppression has denied African Americans the freedom to fully participate in this process. This gap in American architecture contributes to the continued dehumanization of African Americans and their culture and is a gap that can be filled by developing an architecture that truly expresses the beauty and depth of African American people. Through the design of a Library and Cultural Center in the heart of Gary, Indiana, this project explores what architecture that intentionally represents and embodies Black American culture looks like, as well as the far-reaching impact it can have.