Video | Get Your House Right with Marianne Cusato

October 30, 2022

September 14 | Get Your House in Order

Architecture is like a language. Like any language it has a vocabulary (the building elements, such as windows, doors and eaves) and grammar (the rules that we use to assemble the elements.) Unfortunately, all too often work produced today, “doesn’t feel quite right.” This lecture seeks to restore an understanding of how to speak this language by illustrating where common mistakes happen and instructing how to avoid these mistakes.


Marianne Cusato is renowned for her work on innovative housing solutions for disaster recovery and workforce housing. She currently splits her time between academia and practice. Cusato is a Professor of Practice and Director of Housing and Community Regeneration Initiatives at the University of Notre Dame School of Architecture. Additionally, she is the partner in charge of design and development at Cypress Community Development Corp, a nonprofit housing corporation dedicated to creating resilient and energy efficient homes that are also dignified and attainable. Cypress CDC’s built work includes the development 450 Katrina Cottages in Louisiana through FEMA funding, as well as the homes in the Florida Keys following Hurricane Irma and in Sonoma County, California following the 2017 wildfires. They are currently working in Panama City, FL, rebuilding from Hurricane Michael in 2018 and on the Island of Barbuda rebuilding from Hurricane Irma, in partnership with the Prince’s Foundation. Cusato holds a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Notre Dame School of Architecture and MBA from the University of Notre Dame’s Mendoza College of Business.