November 10, 2022

Virtual | The Classical Orders: The Tuscan Order

with Mark Jackson

5:30 – 8:00pm
virtual via Zoom, advanced registration is required
$50 ICAA Members | $75 General Admission | Students $40

Space limited to 16.
2 AIA CES Learning Units
2 credits towards Certificate in Classical Architecture

This course is an introduction to the Tuscan order, the first of the five classical orders of
architecture. Students will learn the history of the Tuscan order, its parts, and proportions
through a brief lecture, and a hands-on demonstration showing the construction of the order and
its details. Students will follow along with the demonstration and complete several drawings,
from the overall layout of the order to enlarged details of its various parts. The evening will end
with a short discussion of the application of the Tuscan order in practice through images of real-
world examples.

The course is structured to provide those who are new to the classical language – or those looking
to refresh their knowledge ā€“ with a solid foundation on which to further explore the classical
orders. Due to the pace of the demonstration and the remote aspect of the course, it is strongly
recommended that students are comfortable with free hand sketching and hand drafting

Image: Giacomo Barozzi da Vignola (1572) Regole delli cinque ordini dā€™ architettura