February 8, 2015

The Golden Reed Award

The Artists’ House Gallery, 57 North 2nd Street, Philadelphia
2:00 PM to 4:00 PM

Free and open to all.
Registration required no later than Wednesday, Feb. 5 at icaaphila@gmail.com.

Please join us as the Philadelphia Chapter presents the inaugural Golden Reed Award to Ms. Lorraine Reisenbach, in recognition of her distinguished work as Director of the Artists’ House Gallery.

When Henry Hope Reed created our organization in 1968, he named it Classical America, reflecting the many ways our nation exhibited a classical heritage in art, architecture, political philosophy, and general cultural values. The early years focused almost exclusively on architecture, but through many wholesome transformations the organization has come to embrace the classical tradition more broadly, growing to a truly national organization with 15 chapters around the country. Clearly we can now say that the New American Renaissance is underway.

The Philadelphia chapter has designed a program of recognition for individuals and organizations whom we believe embody Henry’s vision of renewal and growth in the classical tradition of America. We chose to name it “The Golden Reed,” recalling Henry’s seminal book, The Golden City.

One of the worthiest groups in Philadelphia to exemplify that artistic tradition is the Artists’ House Gallery. For twenty-five years, Lorraine Reisenbach has provided our community with continuous showings of the wonderful work of young artists who revel in the new realist manner. The sculptors and painters selected for exhibition consistently honor the deep heritage established long ago in the Pennsylvania Academy of the Arts. Notably, a broad variety of stylistic personality has always prevailed, but all the artists seem to share a delight in the clear representational depiction of their subject, whether it be a moody landscape, a luminous still-life, or a graceful figurative composition.

While there are many good galleries in Philadelphia, we believe it is Artists’ House Gallery that deserves the first Henry Hope Reed Recognition for distinguished service in advancing the New American Renaissance. The timing is especially appropriate, as it coincides with the Artists’ House last show and the graceful retirement of founder and director Lorraine Reisenbach. This Golden Reed Award represents a hearty round of applause for her successful, commendable work over the years, “to introduce, nurture, and mentor outstanding emerging artists in the best of Western tradition.”

Light refreshments will be served.