July 21, 2015

The Craft of New Traditional Residential Design

In Conjunction with the Traditional Building Conference Series

The Historic Nassau Inn
Ten Palmer Square
Princeton, NJ 08542
Across from Princeton University
9:15 am, Registration & Continental Breakfast opens at 8 am, Welcome address at 9 am

The Mid-Atlantic States have a rich tradition of craftsmanship in wood, stone and more. Hear first-hand from Peter C. Archer, AIA, an experienced regional architect about how traditional craftsmanship is integrated into new homes designed in traditional ways. This course will include insights on such practical topics as design challenges and opportunities, durability and utility of traditional materials, planning adequate lead time for traditional craft work, and sequence of craftspeople on site for optimal efficiency on the job site.

Learning Objectives

• Explain some of the specific qualities of traditionally fabricated stonework, timber framing, millwork and plastering that support durable and functional service.
• Incorporate time-honored methods when designing with traditionally crafted materials that are different than working with production materials.
• Consider the following in planning projects: lead time for sourcing hand-crafted materials; planning for multiple crafts on site simultaneously; and adequate time for curing of materials like plaster before painting.
• Investigate regional historic buildings for precedent and inspiration in new residential design and construction.