Meet Our Sponsor | Peter Zimmerman Architects

November 27, 2023

Peter Zimmerman Architects proudly supports the ICAA of Philadelphia. Founded in 1982, they are a full-service residential design firm located on Philadelphia’s Main Line. Their firm’s broad range of houses have received many local and national awards as well as being featured in local and national publications. Their work spans from Maine to Florida and as far west as Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Peter Zimmerman Architects’ design philosophy is deeply rooted in the historic traditions of architecture: classical proportion and scale, the balance of shadow and light and the appropriate relationship between materials. They strive for design that creates a sense of transparency inside and out. Their focus is on the integration of the built and natural environment, remaining faithful to historic roots and sensitive to the cultural context.

The natural features of each property greatly influence their approach to design. Good architecture is a sophisticated dance between the inside and the outside, finding resolution in the balance and harmony between compression and expansion of space and light and shadow. It is taking a disciplined approach, but recognizing when to break the architectural rules in order to create rhythm and interest with a sequence of spaces that honors the unique character of the property. The design process is a dialog between client and architect, a willingness to explore possibilities, realizing that there is never a single answer or solution. Rather, there is the elegant solution, the one that delights and satisfies. Finding that solution is, in their view, a successful architectural experience.

“We believe that good architecture evokes memories and creates new ones. Your property should be as much of a delight after a decade as it is on the day you move in,” says Eliza Zimmerman, Director of Business Development at Peter Zimmerman Architects.

To learn more about their firm and to view their portfolio, awards, publications, and more – please visit their website.