Video | ICAA Visits Ardrossan, episode 1

May 21, 2020

Introducing a New Series with a Visit to the Historic Ardrossan Estate with Barbara Eberlein (episode 1 of 3)

We are pleased to introduce a new series, ICAA Visits, which will offer viewers guided tours of new architectural and design projects, from completely new public and private buildings, to renovations and restorations of historic properties, to new landscape design and gardening projects, as well as visits to the studios of the artisans and craftsmen that bring beauty to these spectacular places.

For the first installment, designer and ICAA Board Member Barbara Eberlein takes us to Ardrossan, the historic estate on the Philadelphia Main Line, and the basis for the Broadway play and film, The Philadelphia Story. Learn about the colorful personalities that occupied this home, and the challenges that were faced in restoring it after many years of neglect.

Thank you to Sarah Magness Design for generously sponsoring the ICAA Visits series.