September 29, 2023

Renovations on the Row: Caring for Historic Boathouses

Philadelphia Girls’ Rowing Club
14 Boathouse Row
Philadelphia, PA 19130


Tickets: $75

Presented with the Philadelphia Girls’ Rowing Club

Boathouse Row is a unique collection of recreational buildings significant both for their design and their function as the headquarters for leading American rowing clubs. As a National Historic Landmark, the Row is noted for the architectural variety of the boathouses and the prominent architects associated with their design, which make the boathouses of considerably more interest than typical late 19th century and early 20th century utilitarian buildings. Clubs along the Row include the oldest continuously existing club in the United States, and the oldest competitive women’s rowing club.

These buildings require tender loving care, and in recent years, several of the boathouses have been renovated to preserve their historic character as well as maintaining their usefulness for current and future rowers. Hosted by PGRC, the members of which have been working on renovating our own boathouse (the oldest on the row), this panel will bring together preservation practitioners, architects and historians to chat about the challenges and rewards of caring for these incomparable houses.


Jeffrey Cohen, Term Professor in the Growth & Structure of Cities Program at Bryn Mawr College, former member of Penn crew
Paul Steinke, Executive Director, Preservation Alliance of Greater Philadelphia
Brian Wentz, Director of Historic Preservation, Keast & Hood Structural Engineers