March 11, 2021

Virtual | Exploring Philadelphia’s Historic Sacred Spaces

with historian Roger Moss, featuring photographs by Tom Crane

presented with Christ Church and Carpenters' Hall

virtual via Zoom
free; advanced registration is required


The rich diversity of Philadelphia’s sacred places owes its existence to William Penn’s guarantee of religious toleration to the many religious denominations attracted to his “holy experiment.” They are a metaphor for the modern American pluralistic society that is itself a legacy from Penn. This program will show how different congregations chose to celebrate their beliefs through the choice of architectural style, art, and decoration. Here can be found the eloquent simplicity of Quaker meeting houses, the soaring steeples of colonial churches surrounded by atmospheric graveyards, and opulently embellished Roman Catholic parish churches.

Historian Roger Moss has selected important Philadelphia historic sacred places, and will conduct a tour of each hallowed site, calling attention to the architecture and fine details that are then recorded in exquisite color photographs by Tom Crane. 

Photo credit: Tom Crane, pictured: Christ Church

Presented with Christ Church and Carpenters’ Hall